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If you have program questions, please contact the program director.

Savannah/Landings Sweet Feet Academy - 

Brad Nein -   bradnein@sweetfeetsoccer.org

Hilton Head/Hardeeville Sweet Feet Academy, Academy & Pre-Academy -

Miguel Lopez -   MLopez@TormentaFCYouth.com 

Savannah Pre-Academy & Academy: 

 Ayao Sossou  ASossou@TormentaFCYouth.com

Statesboro, Pre-Academy, Academy & Select -

 Jeremy Aven -  JAven@TormentaFCYouth.com

Girl Select - 

Jeremy Aven - JAven@TormentaFCYouth.com

Boys Select - 

For Registration Questions:

Marisa Whisel - MWhisel@TormentaFCYouth.com

Jennifer Hampton - JHampton@TormentaFCYouth.com







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